"Real Estate is easy. The difficult part isn’t the knowledge, it is putting the knowledge to work by overcoming the springboard obstacles that stand between you and your goals. If you get the opportunity to attend a mastermind group with Matt and Justin it will be worth every penny."

Joe Prillaman, Investor

"I'm a believer in surrounding myself with likeminded people, interacting with professionals that have been there and done that will give me something to strive for and I’m extremely grateful…Highly recommended!"

Robert Shortsleeves, Investor


DeRosa Insiders will have access to exclusive events like Private Mastermind Dinners. See what Shelby had to say about a recent Mastermind:

"The mastermind dinner with Matt Faircloth and Justin Fraser was… amazing. 

The event was presented in an open communication environment where all participants felt comfortable sharing ideas, providing alternative viewpoints, and digging deeper into potentially controversial topics.  The content and discussions points were both development and motivational, and all participants got personalized and interactive attention.  The entire event was run efficiently to maximize time but not in a manner where anyone felt rushed or unimportant.

I couldn’t have asked for a better event, I loved every minute of it.  Highly recommend."

Shelby Osborne, Investor


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